Oct 1, 2012

U dint build that ... Mc Bama you rock!!!

I am not US election fan, the sheer brilliance of the video makes me add it to the blog.

the lyrics are wonderful.

Sep 14, 2012

oh right .... Sherlock!!

I was watching Sherlock at a friends place. I have been a great fan of the original, but then who isnt ?
I was always of the opinion that Sherlock if comes to the 21st century would be nothing more than a joker, a show off who would not have enough mettle to solve the hi tech crimes of the day. I was proved wrong. This one is very good though may not match the original (not even the original series). It good to see the new 30 something Sherlock the thirty something Irene Adler , the one I really like, and finally the portrayal of Watson is awesome. 
The take on the new Sherlock is quite amusing. He is tech savvy,arrogant as he always was and of course the science of deduction. Blogs have replaced books, mobile has replace the library, sms replaces the telegram, but the basic essence of the story is similar. Though the names of the episodes is similar to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle original, it is not as cryptic as the original.The episodes are quite long and some dialogues seem to give clues, so you should be really attentive, so it taxes your brain.

But worth a watch.

Apr 20, 2011

You are not flexible !!!

Feels kinda bad, when you see the work done by you for the past year and half going down the drain when someone says ... hmmm u dont seem to be flexible enough. What am I ? a ballet dancer ?


Time to blow the bugle .. not sure. Need to give this time. Looks Impatience is not just for the new generation after all ! huh ?